All my thanks go to...
credits   Stand by me

The Crystal Palace Board
   *because without it, and the people there, the bully guy wouldn't even exist, so all my love goes for you, pals...

Seel Kaiser
   *because we shared not only art but an awesome bond, because we teamed-up and survived, because we will be more than best friends for life, forever...

Starluck, Leks, Magnus, Reppy, Ryuu, Miriel, Teiris, Vega, Tlouey, Amethyst...
   *because without their friendship, the internet wouldn't be the same for me...

   *because without her garden, i would haven't been able to save money enough to buy this web domain o_O;

0r0ch1, Kamicheetah, PowRee, Zarry, AlphaLeo, Fel, Jax, Celesse, Irene, Sheila T.K., and the previously mentioned friends
   *because their amazing art is an unlimited source of inspiration, and a reason to practise and improve my drawing skills ^_^

Ch'marr's VCL Gallery
   *because of his great place, giving everybody a chance to spread their art, and, even more, because he's a really kind, warm and friendly person.

H.U.G.'s Staff
   *because d.m., lau, sonia, virgi, irene, solis and noemi are cool co-workers... XD

FFP Guild
   *because i miss them at neopets T_T

Deviant Art
   *because I have met great artists, and, even better, amazing friends there...

   *because the five pixel ponies she gave me as a gift (lovely designed by tlouey and customized by starluck) were the definive reason to finish my webpage (the ponies needed a web place to live, after all...!)

Celesse and Magnus
   *because their web pages were a source of inspiration to design mine, and their html codes were great to help me and my lack of knowledges ^^;





thanks to you, Starluck!

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